Glass Handling

Handling groundwater containers and Draeger tubes along with handling other glassware are routine tasks that are completed frequently if not daily throughout Stratus. It is important to remember that any type of glassware has the potential to break while handling it. We all have heard (or experienced) the stories of VOAs breaking in someones hand while filling or tightening the container.  In April 2014 one of our competitors employees suffered a “severe” cut from a broken Dreager tube requiring stitches.  In searching the Traction databases, we can see at least four prior cut related first aid injuries (not Stratus injuries) while using Draeger tubes from 2010 to 2013.  As recently as December 2013 there is a report of a VOA breaking in someones hand.

Let’s all revisit our technique and PPE used during glassware handling (routine task assessment).  The Ventura folks have been exclusively using cut resistant Kevlar/Nitrile gloves for fieldwork and find that they offer the best comfort an dexterity while manually handling tools, supplies, and equipment. The added benefit, they are inexpensive (~$5 a pair) and in most cases cheaper than other non-cut resistant gloves on the market.  Contact Jenn if you are not using Kevlar gloves and she will get you started.

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