Common Accident Causes – Distractions

Do you think a football team goes onto the field thinking they’ll win without a plan?  Do you think any coach would put players on the field that didn’t know the plays?

Failure to Plan

Everyone associated with the Stratus Team plays a part in planning work.  Project Managers lead teams that develop scopes of work.  Typically this includes outlining sequential tasks, identifying risks, assessing risk, confirming the right tool will be used, and preparing for the work.  But there’s more…

In general, we do a good job at planning and communicating our work.  But do we adequately plan for contingencies if the work doesn’t go as planned?  Have we adequately planned for credible emergency response scenarios?  Have we communicated the plan so that everyone knows what to do?  Have we communicated to other SIMOPS in the area?  Are we effectively engaged in STOP WORK when necessary?

Each part of a team has a role in planning each project.  We must all work together so that people in the field as well as office support understand the hazards and risks of our work.  We need to make sure technicians don’t work on electrically energized equipment, drilling locations have been cleared of utilities, and that our equipment is functional and safe.

What can you do to prevent incidents?

Preparation and planning are processes that never end.  Even when the task is complete, workers should review and document what went well and what didn’t.  We want to capture and communicate lessons so we can learn from them and not repeat mistakes.

You’ve heard the old saying…“Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan”.  The motto of this portal is “If you don’t know what is going to happen, there is no way to stop it. Plan ahead for safety”.  Well planned work greatly reduces the risk of accidents.  Having a plan to respond and minimize the impact of potential incidents is key to protecting people, the environment, and our assets.

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